Banishing The Demons

Please say a warm hello to first-time contributor Matt, a 40-year-old man based in West Sussex, England. Matt recently went through a depressive episode, during which he began photographing at one of his very lowest points. Counseling has helped a great deal, and he is starting to come to terms with his depression. Matt now spends his time looking for employment, running and taking photos.

About these photos: “I went to some of the places where I still have some demons; specific locations including my old school which still holds many unhappy memories, in the hope that maybe they won’t trouble me so much. It was a very cathartic exercise: I felt like I was dealing with some very big issues. In these photos I can see a lot of my frustration and unhappiness which I had previously kept hidden away in my head and my heart.”

Find more from Matt at his website.


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