Clouded Mind

Photo taken by contributor Luis Rosado, a man from Staten Island, NY who has been suffering from anxiety and depression for over 30 years. After struggling with an alcohol problem for over two decades, Luis is celebrating over five years of sobriety. Photography has always been a wonderful outlet for him to capture and hold on to the brighter moments in his life.

About this photo: “My newest piece is called ‘Clouded Mind.’ I have always had a fascination with all types of weather. Especially clouds. In my active using days my mind was exactly like this photo. Now nearing my 6th year of sobriety the clouds are a lot fewer and much brighter. However I will always be a sucker for the cloudy days because it reminds where I have been and where I am not going back to.” 


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7 thoughts on “Clouded Mind

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  1. Luis,
    Thank you for the picture. If you would be so kind, may I use this picture on the “About,” page of our blog. If you look at it you can see that there is a picture that is somewhat similar to yours.
    Thanks for the image

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