Smile In Tanzania

Please welcome first-time contributor Antalia Terblanche, a 19-year-old who lives in Bexleyheath, London, and suffers from depression. Antalia used to self-harm and struggle with bulimia. She sought treatment two years ago, after her teachers noticed her grades slipping and her absence at school. She had been experiencing suicidal dreams leading to suicidal thoughts, and panic attacks at the thought of going to school. The counseling, in addition to support from her family, and the few friends that understood her illness, helped immensely. It was a hard struggle. She sometimes feels empty and numb, but her medication and positive mindset help melt the darkness away. She is in a happy place with her life now; studying at university with great family support behind her.  She carries on looking positively.

About this photo: “Photo was taken in Tanzania, Mpwapwa Village.  I went to visit Tanzania for a couple of weeks with my sixth form in 2012 to help teach HIV-ridden orphans painting, the English alphabet and group games.  It was a spectacular experience and I met some truly incredible people.  I was the group photographer out there and shot some lovely photos of the children, the adults and the scenery; I chose this photo to submit in particular because I love the happiness in her eyes.  Through her poverty-stricken life, her loss of family and limited opportunities, this little girl’s smile shone.  I was privileged to meet these people and hopefully next year, I will have the honour to visit them once again.”

Find more from Antalia at her website.


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  1. It’s beautiful that this child can smile through her ordeals but shows how selfish we are when we get upset just because we can’t have the latest technical gadget. Lesson learned!


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