Broken Light Collective Announcements!

Just for today, we are straying from our format a bit to share some exciting news!!!

Our first live exhibit is coming up in just a few weeks! “FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT: Photography by Broken Light Collective” is going to be a seven-week exhibit at the amazing non-profit Fountain Gallery in NYC (48th and 9th). The opening reception will be held on June 26th from 6-8 pm. We would love to see you there!

We are also excited to announce that we are now a NON-PROFIT organization! The money we raise will go directly towards improving this site, creating more live exhibits and photo sales opportunities for you the contributors, and starting up free and low-cost photography workshops for people who are struggling.

In this time of growth, you will notice a few new features on the site, including a new logo, a “press” section with interviews, as well as a “mission” tab with our mission statement and a special video we put together to inspire people and introduce Broken Light Collective as a non-profit. We worked really hard on the video, which is comprised of over 200 photos from this site! Would love for you to take a look and if you are moved to do so, please share it with friends, family, social media, etc.

We’re starting with nothing, so any donations would mean the world! If you have been touched by the site or feel for the cause and want to help us to help others with mental illness and developmental disorders, please visit the “donate” tab on the left of your screen and give whatever you feel comfortable giving. If every contributor and follower (who is able) gives even a small amount, it can have a huge impact and will help us improve and expand the Broken Light Collective experience to help more people and save more lives! Also to raise awareness and fight the stigma associated with mental illness!

Thank you to each and every contributor and donor for helping us on the path towards making our dreams become a reality! We would love for you to leave a comment below with any feedback/reactions to the announcements, the video, and the other new elements on the site.


**Visit Broken Light’s main gallery here. Currently accepting submissions.

*Facebook & Twitter @BrokenLighCo & @DanielleHark. Follow for e-mail notifications.

25 thoughts on “Broken Light Collective Announcements!

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  1. Danielle – Wow! This is incredible! Congratulations on this new moment for Broken Light Collective. The images found on this website have been such an inspiration to me. Amazing video. Sharing on facebook. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on The Seeker and commented:
    I follow this site not just because of it’s superlative photography but because I am a living proof and I am not alone. Watch the video, it’s excellent!


  3. Congratulations of all of your achievements. I will try and get to your show at the Fountain.
    Good luck with the show, being a non-profit, etc. Your blog makes a difference in my life.


  4. Congratulations – if I were anywhere near NY I’d try to get there for the show. It’s great to know that there is support for what you’re doing. I think it can grow and grow and grow.


  5. This video made me cry in a good way. Thanks for everything you are doing on this site! Reducing stigma is so important for mental illnesses.


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