Seeing Is Believing

Please welcome a first-time contributor from New York City. She is an African-American woman in her sixties who suffers from depression. Her struggles began in childhood but became full-blown in her mid-twenties. It then took another twenty years before she was properly diagnosed and prescribed the medication that gives her relief. Depression prompted her to begin drawing, making collages, painting and taking photos. She also plays and composes music on the piano, which she began at the age of four. Creating in its many forms gives her focus and makes her feel good.

About this photo: “As a collage artist, I collect found objects to use in my art pieces.  I found a large piece of heavy white plastic, brought it home and put it in my foyer.  It sat there for a while and one day I saw the shadows as they appeared in a particular light and took several photos in different lighting.  I then combined the photos to make what appears here.  I printed the originals, connected them and then reshot them to become one photo.  The street object became transformed with photography.  When I first began photography it was very scary to take my camera outside where I could be seen, put my camera up and shoot.   Similarly I felt exposed the first few times I picked up something from the ground.  I believe that being creative and following your intuition, or your muse, is an act of courage and leads to transformation and inspiration for oneself and others.


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16 thoughts on “Seeing Is Believing

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  1. I love this photo, and I love that it came from found objects. I started garbage picking in the 1990’s, and when I otherwise had trouble finding my way out of a paper bag– there was something about finding something beautiful in the discarded that brought me happiness.
    I hope you will consider sending more photographs and any website you have.

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    1. Thank you so much for your reply. I still get a charge out of little things I find that can make my day. I hope to send more photos as well.


    1. Ditto. Seeing the shadows which made it a different object was the joyful surprise. Thank you for taking the time to write from your heart.


    1. Hi sheketechad. Glad you liked what I wrote about the piece. Writing about it was a challenge and fun. And then when people respond. Wow. Thank you


    1. Thank you for your reply. It’s wonderful to see the responses. Thank you for welcoming me to the community. Hope to be able to submit more. Peace 2


  2. I love the description of your work – and I hope I see more here. Or maybe you’ll begin a blog. I wonder if you know the work of Noah Purifoy, an African American collage and sculpture artist? Your aesthetic is probably different from his but I think you’d enjoy his work if you aren’t familiar with it. (And I just did a post on it, so come take a look if you’d like). Thanks for taking the plunge and contributing here!


    1. Hi bluebrightly. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. I will check out Noah. Don’t know his work. I’m also glad I took the plunge.


    1. Jasmine ,Thank you so much for writing and of course i’m glad you loved the piece. You inspired me also by submitting your photo. See you soon. Love Azure


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