Freedom From Mental Illness

Photo taken by contributor Danielle who suffers from both mood and personality disorders that often leave her feeling depressed or panicked. She uses art and photography as a part of her therapeutic process, in addition to therapy and medication.

About this photo: “I dream of a day when I can feel free from the chains of mental illness. When I can let loose and have fun as I see others do. Playing, enjoying, frolicking carefree in the sand. Unfortunately, every time I think I’m getting close and I can see that freedom just ahead, a wave comes, knocking me down and washing those dreams away. 

I took this photo to hold on to that moment of hope. The moment before it gets washed away. And just maybe one day that wave won’t come and knock me back down. Maybe.


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23 thoughts on “Freedom From Mental Illness

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  1. The photo is lovely and the word is what many of us would like to feel. Freedom from worry, stress, broken hearts, anxiety, panic attacks, cancer, and so on. Hugs, and hope on, my dear one.


  2. Where we could all use a bit of permanency and stability, I would like to believe that the shifting sands and fickle tides of life shouldn’t stop us from creating all manner of beautiful things. As you have proven here, in those very moments we have hope and joy, and it is these moments that make life worth living.


  3. A beautiful photo even though I find the thought sad. I live in Barbados, an island surrounded by the ocean and never thought of the waves I see as washing away dreams but more as cleansing me from all of life’s dirt. Perspectives are indeed everything; thanks for sharing a different one.


  4. Reblogged this on elspethc and commented:
    Another blog found serendipity rules! Spent a lot of this week working on the NAMI BI Summer program here – our aim to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness… start to see some of the creativity also there…


  5. wonderful photo and I totally relate to those feelings. I remember a few decades back being at DisneyWorld with my husband and young son and he turns to me and says wow in all the years I’ve known ou I think this is the first time I ever saw you have fun.


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