Trapped Lovers

Photo taken by contributor Danielle who struggles with bipolar disorder. While her life often feels like one obstacle after another, she is grateful to have photography, and a loving husband who helps her see color when she feels trapped in a world of black and grey.

About this photo: “I was coming home from an art show in a rather run-down area. I love photographing things that are falling apart, so I was practically drooling as I drove past one broken down thing after another. I didn’t actually stop though until I saw an old boarded-up movie theater. I couldn’t resist. I walked around the side of the building and there was a series of fading murals on the wall. I especially loved this one of a Picasso-esque couple, and the way it looked next to the boarded-up door and decaying building. They looked playful and whimsical… loving, and yet, sad and trapped by the boards on top of them.


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