Signs of Spring

Photo taken by contributor Jeanette Clawson, a woman in her forties from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin who has suffered from depression and severe pain related to migraines. Jeanette was a school psychologist until pain and disability forced her to stop working. Despite her struggles, Jeanette’s main goal in life is to contribute as much peace and beauty to the world as she can. Art has always helped her cope with dark feelings, and now she is using it to hold on to positive ones. She enjoys painting, doodling, coloring, and most of all creating gratitude journals and mixed media collages. Photography had primarily been used in the service of larger pieces or family scrapbooks until recently when she began discovering the joys and freedom of photography for its own intrinsic beauty. Jeanette spends her time focusing on her art, teaching occasional workshops, and blogging about gratitude and altered book journaling.

About this photo: I really struggle with the dark and isolation of winter. Signs of spring bring me so much joy. The diminishing dirty snow piles are being replaced with small buds of green. The availability of big bunches of tulips in stores warm my heart. These tulips were purchased for a family gathering and it was great to have people over again. I realized that the last guests we had were last fall. Next year I intend to make a plan to reduce my tendency to hibernate and I hope that will be healthier for me.”

Find more from Jeanette at her blog.


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10 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

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    1. It is really teasing us too. This morning I told my younger son that one of my favorite spring poems is the ee cummings poem spring is like a perhaps hand. Spring does not come all at once, but tentatively. But the sun is warming up and the ground is thawing and it feels like a metaphor.


  1. beautiful photo and your story is so much the same as mine. I too suffer with migraines, seasonal affective disorder, depression and anxiety. I love the signs of spring that help to pull me out of the dark winter blues too.


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