Ever Downward

Photo taken by contributor Richard in Upstate New York. Richard is a man in his sixties who has suffered from severe depression throughout his life. He is currently going through a particularly lengthy rough patch.

About this photo: “My path seems to lead ever downward, my efforts mocked each step of the way by some cosmic being of misery. This photo was taken of details and reflections in a copper table.”


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9 thoughts on “Ever Downward

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    1. I see the light in the darkness in this photo, too. I love the light-play and texture. I imagine it would feel cool & smooth. Loved ones used to tell me to hang on to hope & in my darkest times I would want to hit them, but I knew they meant well & it came true. Getting the right mix of treatment and medication(s) as well as learning who I could & could not rely on helped me. The thing that helped me the most was developing a real relationship with God (not just following some rules in a book) made a huge difference. I pray all the best for you on your life’s journey. Keep taking pictures.


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