Selective Mutism

Please say a warm hello to first-time contributor Abrielle. As a young child she battled Selective Mutism, a disorder in which a child who is usually capable of speech can’t speak in certain social settings. It was a physical and metal struggle trying to find words to express herself. It wasn’t until recently, after the unexpected passing of her father, that she finally was able to find her voice through photography. Her photos represent the words that were held inside her for so long

About this photo: “As another outlet besides photography, I enjoy writing poetry. I had the idea to put my two outlets together in one photo, and here it is.”

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8 thoughts on “Selective Mutism

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    1. Thank you! Im trying to touch people with my words! Im glad you think so! Speaking was hard for me as you know, so I’m here to SAY that nothing is impossible to overcome!<3


  1. This is beautiful and touching! Please continue to use your poetry and photography to express yourself, the results are amazing and hopefully rewarding to you as well. Welcome!


    1. Thank you so much!! This means a lot to me! For a while I thought I should just stop because I didn’t feel like it was ‘good enough’
      But recently I realized its not what people think that matters, its how I feel after i write and express myself is what matters. And now, because of this comment, Im not going to stop, ever. 🙂


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