Unable to Confront Myself

Please say a warm hello to a first-time contributor. He is a 62-year-old man who has a lifelong history of depression. He is currently going through a particularly rough patch.

About this photo: Unable to confront myself, my shadow reels in the turmoil, confusion and pain of its depression, relentless and inescapable.”


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27 thoughts on “Unable to Confront Myself

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  1. I don’t even know how to express what I feel about this powerful image. I believe that art should jolt your sensory system, leaving you different than you were before you viewed it. This photo does that to me.


    1. Wow – that really makes me feel good. This image keeps calling me back and speaks so much to me too. Thanks for the positive feedback!


  2. Thanks to everybody for the extremely kind and supportive words. This was my first “public exposure” in social media about my depression. The comments are heartwarming and greatly appreciated. – Richard


    1. Thanks! Well, I’m standing in the ocean in shallow water and a lot of the turbulence is due to the water itself kicking up the sand as it was coming in or rolling out. I shot this with a camera (Olympus TG-1) which has built in effects filters, and I was using the “dramatic” filter which adds a grunge type look. Then I accentuated the look in Lightroom as a final step.


  3. A profoundly expressive image; so beautiful and so evocative of the confusion and lost feelings of depression. There is great luminosity and strength in this image. Thank you for sharing from deep within your own story.


    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words. I was really excited about this image as it evolved, for the exact reasons you describe. It still blows me away a bit.


  4. Very intriguing. It’s ironic that you express how you’re unable to deal with your inner life and yet in this image you’re glowing, you have an aura! It’s a great message that perhaps we’re often missing the inner glow that really does live within us and is often radiating out.

    Thanks for sharing this,


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