My Greatest Treasure

Photo taken by contributor Danielle in New Jersey. She struggles with a host of mental health issues, including severe depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. She is grateful to have photography, and a loving husband and daughter who help her see color when she feels trapped in a world of black and gray.

About this photo: “There is nothing I treasure more than my daughter. What else can I say? She is my heart, my sunshine, and every other cliché in the book. I wish that I could be a ‘perfect’ mom for her. I wish I could be a ‘normal’ mom. But I can only be me… a very flawed and broken mom, who hopes that love is enough to compensate.


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14 thoughts on “My Greatest Treasure

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  1. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure to her, you are PERFECT. Children don’t see anything other than perfect in their parents. We don’t choose to be blessed with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, ADHD, or any other mental health issues. Having a medical condition of the brain is no different than having a heart condition. I just wish society could understand this. I’m sure you’re amazing just the way you are. Happy Valentines Day!:)


  2. This is a very beautiful photo. Your choice of colors expresses your feelings very well. Her demeanor is thoughtful and innocent. Is she thinking of you just as you’re thinking of her?

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Beautiful photo. I think all us mothers have things to compensate for, and all we have is love. You are doing the perfect thing by loving her, and the normal thing by being flawed. Thanks for letting us see your gorgeous photo!


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