Crashing Down

Photo taken by contributor Kait Mauro, a 22-year-old Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native who has lived all over the country. Kait’s primary diagnosis recently changed from Major Depression to Bipolar Disorder. She has also struggled with anxiety and disordered eating. She is currently an undergraduate at Washington University in Saint Louis where she studies Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Creative Writing. Her primary mediums are poetry and photography, though she has also been known to dabble in printmaking and other genres of writing. She seeks to understand her experiences and to connect with others through her art.

About this photo: “Burning my life to the ground, forest fire-style, so I can build something better. “I’m trying” became my mantra. But after the mania, always the crash. I was Eros & Thanatos, I held both spirits within me.

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8 thoughts on “Crashing Down

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  1. Nice picture. I like the grace in your pose in conjunction with your outfit and ballerina shoes. And yet crashing is hardly graceful, plus the cigarette throws some more irony into the mix. Overall it’s a beautiful image.

    Thanks for sharing.


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