Multi-Denominational Church

Photo taken by contributor Jim, a man from the SouthWest of Texas who has struggled with depression for much of his life.

About this photo: We were driving home from an afternoon of hard work, as if getting to make photographs for a living should ever be considered hard. But photography was taught to me as an 80% furniture moving & 20% photography kind of operation. Anyhow, I was tired and my back was aching. We have driven by this church many times. I have stopped to photograph it during daylight, but this time it was late dusk on a Wednesday night. The structure was aglow with cool blue light and warmth from within. The photograph could and should have been a lot better. The highlights are blown out and I wasn’t sure if I liked the lights of the oilfield trucks that just keep on coming by. Still, the image stands up for me. Mainly because I took the effort to stop and record a visual opportunity. So often I have zipped on past such offerings and then beat myself up for days and weeks for the would of, should of, could of thinking. So it stands as much more than just an image of a church in passing. We also were blessed by the spirit of old hymns drifting to us between the rumble of passing trucks. I have often wondered how the heck can a multi-denominational church work?  I have only attended single denomination churches and the bickering there amongst like minded folks has most often driven me away. Yepp, it was worth the stop. Go with the flow and stop for the know.”

More from Jim at his website.


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17 thoughts on “Multi-Denominational Church

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  1. This photo has a lot of character. It’s got a feel and look to it that I think you normally see with Big City shots but here’s this church that seems to stand alone. It really looks surreal with its overall hues and the beautiful sky above it. Then add the passing trucks and you’ve got this sort of sci-fi shot! Honestly when I first saw it I thought this was all on purpose because the various “lines” created by the trucks plays off the idea that this is a multi-denominational church.

    All in all, good job, unintentional works of art never cease to amaze me.



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