Amidst the Storm

Photo taken by contributor Lakesh, a 36-year-old woman currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Her first experience with depression came through a relationship. It was filled with ups and downs, and both pockets of joy and memorable disappointments. The relationship has since ended but that experience has changed her perspective of mental illness. She will forever be grateful for the lessons they taught each other.

About this photo: “This photograph was taken in Kriva Palanka, Macedonia. In the midst of a rainstorm, I ventured to the balcony. Through all of the power lines, smoking chimneys, and everything else pollution…there was a glimmer of light. It was a gentle reminder that amidst the storm there is always light, we just have to look closely.


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10 thoughts on “Amidst the Storm

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  1. Well done, and nice perspective, it does look like a little rainbow shining just enough amidst the dark and dreary. I appreciate how many contributors on this site can quickly see the light and joyful things in their surroundings. It says a lot about healing from mental illness and related consequences.

    Thank you for sharing,


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