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Eyes are the Gateway to the Soul

Please welcome first-time contributor Tamara Khlghatyan, a 21-year-old from Armenia. She is currently volunteering in Lefkada, Greece. Over the past two years she has traveled extensively. She has seen things that made her feel good, but also some things, like poverty, disrespect, and ignorance, that made her angry and sick. She takes photos all the time, not only because it’s a hobby and she enjoys it, but also because sometimes she wants to show what she is going through – whether that is sadness, depression or anger – and it’s not always possible for her to say what’s in her heart with words. Through her images, she tries to show her feelings, not just her experiences.

About this photo:

     These eyes are so deep, so true
     Like an ocean, so dark
     You don´t know what they are hiding
     But you know they are not lying

Find more from Tamara at her blog.


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One comment on “Eyes are the Gateway to the Soul

  1. Paula McLane Jennings
    January 8, 2014

    beautiful photo! they do have beautiful eyes – especially the baby!


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