Looking Back

Photo taken by contributor Melissa, a teenager from Ohio. She has been suffering from depression and anxiety disorders since the age of 10, and PTSD since the age of 13. She self-harmed to the point of feeling addicted for 4 years. Photography has become her main outlet for when she cannot escape her feelings or urges to self-harm. As of late, she has become a source of strength for some of her friends who are also suffering from different mental disorders. She hopes to inspire others to embrace their mental health issues and accept who they are in spite of what they think makes them less than ordinary.

About this photo: “Sometimes, looking back can be beautiful.

Find more from Melissa at her blog.


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7 thoughts on “Looking Back

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  1. Posted a Sunset very similar to this piece in a side view mirror, back in Sept’13.. Great Eye~! Happy New year! “Learn your lessons well young grass hopper!” Just something to think on & reflect on.. lol


  2. Great photograph and beautiful words! “Sometimes, looking back can be beautiful.” I do agree. I see a bright future for you. It’s in your work & your words.


  3. Melissa, your black and white walk around town, on your blog, is really excellent work. Take care of yourself and keep making photos – or whatever type of art works! You’ve got a good eye!


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