Please welcome first-time contributor Shelby Hall, a 22-year-old mother from Dallas, Texas. Before her boys were born, she had a difficult relationship with her boyfriend (now fiancé) in part due to his struggles with drug addiction. She suffered from depression through much of their early relationship as a result of being unable to cope. Loving someone with addiction can feel hopeless at times. She felt lost and unsure about who she was, and who she was trying to be. During that rough time in her life she found herself comforted and consoled by her photography. Shelby’s fiancé is now two years sober, and they are wonderfully happy parents. She loves having her photos to look back on. They read like a timeline and you can see the progressions and pitfalls through them all. They also serve as a reminder of how much stronger she and her fiancé are today.

About this photo: “I was attempting to depict my torn feelings. Trying to deny and hide my own issues to support a person I so deeply loved. I love this photo for what it says. Its a hard time to think about and be reminded of, but if we forget where we come from, we will forget who we are.

Find more from Shelby at her blog.


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  1. This is beautiful and I can certainly identify. I just went through a painful divorce myself from my husband who is an addict. After 6 years of waiting for him to change, trying to be supportive without being enabling, and never seeing him take the reigns to get the help he needed, when he asked for the divorce, I agreed. I still love him but until he wants it for himself he’ll never succeed. I’m so glad for you and your fiance’, though. It’s always encouraging to hear about those who do make it through 🙂


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