Reflection; the Ripples of Love

Photo taken by Claire U, a 23-year-old woman from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of her official diagnosis with depression. The diagnosis was confusing to her, in part because she had always been the funny one, the one who wanted to laugh and to make others laugh. She has had a roller coaster of a few years; not understanding her lows or diagnosis, being overwhelmed and underwhelmed with support. She’s doing better though and understanding herself more with each day.

About this photo: “This photograph was taken from a trip my best friend and I took. We traveled from Winnipeg to Newfoundland and spent a wondrous week and a half exploring and de-stressing from our lives at home. We stopped in Rocky Harbour one night. I was taking a picture of this still lake and asked her to throw a rock in. A sort of metaphor, if you will, of life and living with depression. The reflection, the ripples, the setting sun- it is all so important.

Find more from Claire at her tumblr.


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7 thoughts on “Reflection; the Ripples of Love

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  1. Yes, the metaphors. . . with many ways to interpret.
    If depression is the stone that’s sinking, the ripples are what remains above, expansive as the sky. Even as the sun sets, it is still somewhere in the sky. . . and the ripples, when gone, are still part of the movement in the water (even when we see none).
    So glad you have photography!
    So glad to have seen this beautiful, resonating, thought-evoking image.


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