The Road Less Travelled

Photo taken by contributor Leya, a single mother working in the mental health field. She has a child with multiple barriers, including severe anxiety, and grew up in a highly anxious household with a family that experienced significant historical trauma. Leya believes that the key to our collective functioning is finding ways to calm our overactive minds, and for her that is walks in nature, photography, poetry, painting, dance and yoga. Cooking and eating delicious food is also a passion of hers. She primarily deals with nature and historic sites for her subject matter, and only sites that grab her and convey a story or emotion or sheer beauty. She challenges herself to capture those moments and convey the same sensation to her audience, and hopefully heighten that experience through artistic expression.

About this photo: “The Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, “the road less travelled” is a beautiful drive along the Atlantic Ocean. Takes much longer than the freeway, but the rugged and lyrical beauty makes it worth the time.

Find more from Leya at her blog.


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6 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled

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    1. Yes, it is fun to share (and can be therapeutic)! And the likes and comments are nice too:) There is no judgement allowed here at Broken Light Collective, just appreciation from others who may have been where you have been or similar places. And you can submit anonymously if you would like. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Please check out our submission info or email any time to discuss the options…


  1. Saw this on a PC screen today, and said… “that’s an awesome photo, where is it?” The play of clouds and reflections upon the water… ’tis a most incredible, once-in-a-lifetime shot. Kudos to you, and mostly thank you for seeing and sharing.


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