Photo taken by contributor Aggie, a woman currently living in Norway. She has had two very close friends, one male and one female, who have suffered from anorexia and related mental health issues, including depression. It was hard for Aggie to watch her friends suffer and even harder knowing that the only thing she could do was try and make them feel less alone and important. That is something she is constantly trying to do to support her friends.

About this photo: “Taken by the Fyord at the international college. This picture represents how alone we (the students) are at the same time as showing us together as a group. We are away from our homes and our family and friends for two years and located in a remote part of Norway in a very small community. We are alone in the fact there are only a tiny number of students from the same country as you are so far away from home and the people you grew up with. Each silhouette shows this as it’s dark and contrasting against the sky, really bold and lonely. But it also shows how close we all become as we are living together and how we are connected through the opportunities we have all been given. This you can see through the silhouettes facing and interacting with each other, their shapes showing communication and friendship linking them together, It makes me feel lonely and protected at the same time.


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