From the Darkness of Psychosis

Photo taken by first-time contributor FromDarknesstoLight, a man from Germany who experienced a drug-related psychosis in December 2011, and has been taking medication since. He continued to regularly abuse drugs like Speed, Mdma, Cocaine and Ecstasy until February of this year, when the drugs, combined with his medication and psychosis led doctors in Germany to diagnose him as schizophrenic. He had to stop his studies at university and lost his part-time job as a tennis coach. Shortly thereafter, he decided that he had to change his lifestyle. He looked for alternative ways of healing, and ended up going to India where he did an ayurvedic treatment for 7 weeks. His return flight was schedule for the 19th of September, but he discovered so many inspiring things that he changed his flight and is now staying in India till February to continue learning and healing.

About this photo: “The photograph was taken in Australia 5 years ago. It’s myself on it. It means a lot to me! Especially right now. It expresses my journey from the darkness (of the psychosis) to the light (of a happy life) again.


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7 thoughts on “From the Darkness of Psychosis

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  1. A picture like this brings to mind the Rolling Stones: “You can’t always get what you want…but if you try real hard, you get what you need.” Forget the hard shit, dude. Stick with your camera. And how do you sing Stones auf Deutsch? Man kann nicht immer kriegen was er will…aber wenn er schwer versucht, dann bekommt er was er braucht>


  2. Thank you all for your inspiring comments! I´m really happy to say that I can feel, I´m on the right path again. If you want to join me on my journey through india than follow my blog.
    Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.
    That´s what I´m really experiencing right now.


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