Photo taken by contributor Kait Mauro, a 21-year-old Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native who has lived all over the country. She is trying to see all 50 states and has been to 38 so far. Kait has a diagnosis of major depression, severe and recurrent, as well as having experienced anxiety and disordered eating during her teenage years. She is currently an undergraduate at Washington University in Saint Louis where she studies Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Creative Writing. Her primary mediums are poetry and photography, though she has also been known to dabble in printmaking and other genres of writing. She seeks to understand her experiences and to connect with others through her art. Her photography can be seen at kaitmauro.com or nowandnowandnow.wordpress.com.

About this photo: “I took this photograph at the World Bird Sanctuary in Saint Louis, MO. I have always loved feathers and have a bit of an infatuation with birds. I have a tattoo of a feather on my wrist. I was surprised by this image when I got home and looked at it. I liked how the bird becomes just pure texture and how sleek and slippery it looks. There is a word I am trying to find, to describe the way the feathers make me feel, but I can’t find it right now. I’m sorry.


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14 thoughts on “Feathers

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  1. Is the word you’re looking for “symmetry”? The feathers form a pattern, and that pattern makes a smooth symmetric sense of appeal….


  2. Such a beautiful pattern made by the feathers, I want to touch! I had a pet parrot. I loved his feathers. Sadly he died after 4 months from some kind of digestive trouble. I didn’t get another one I was heartbroken. He was so cool. He had a perch in our family room and interacted with us all day. He was very friendly and curious. I have lots of good memories of him.


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