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Window on the World

Photo taken by contributor nomaggsrush, a woman currently living near Reading UK, however, she shall soon be “going nomadic” in retirement. She has had unipolar depression since her late teens, possibly due to a gene and a personality disordered mother. Unfortunately due to a couple of events (not due to her mother) she also has had PTSD for 18 years. She has spent her working life as a dual registered general and mental health nurse. She has a particularly warped sense of humour, like most nurses she has encountered – her first date with her late husband (a fireman) was spent trying to top each other’s gory experiences. He won.

About this photo: “’Window on the World’ is how I see the world when depressed. Detached and darkly ominous. Taken at the Big Pit, a mining museum in the Welsh valleys. I really enjoyed the visit, it was only when looking for an image that visually describes how my life is sometimes that I realised how apt this is.


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6 comments on “Window on the World

  1. Sam Spencer
    September 14, 2013

    Great story & pic, thanks!


  2. snazlan
    September 14, 2013



    September 14, 2013

    I wish her only the best!


  4. Paula McLane Jennings
    September 15, 2013

    I can relate to that feeling you show in the photo!


  5. Steve Lakey
    September 16, 2013

    It’s amazing how much can be conveyed with a single photo: the contrast between earth and sky, and the suggestion that everyday life is just out of reach.


  6. autisticaplanet
    September 16, 2013

    Walled in, with a narrow view. That is what I had experienced for a long time. Hoping for better times now, too. My mom is a retired RN. I find she has a unique take on things as I do.


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