Love & Hope Through the Darkness

Photo taken by contributor Danielle who suffers from Major Depressive Disorder, and a host of other issues that she refers to simply as her “mental mess.” She uses her camera to express her inner self and to help her through challenging situations.

About this photo:

“This picture is a visual conclusion of a magical night of love multiplied…

Several months ago, a close friend asked me to be in her wedding and stand by her side. I was surprised because I had been going through a really difficult depressive episode and as usual had isolated and pushed everyone away. She was one of the very few people who wouldn’t let me push her away. She stood by me, and it was my turn to stand by her. Literally. Unfortunately due to the depression and agoraphobic tendencies, every step was a challenge (especially in heels). But I did it and am so glad that I did.

At the end of the event, everyone lit giant paper lanterns and released them into the night sky. It was breathtaking. Instead of taking traditional photos, I decided to turn the spots of light into hearts by taking long exposure images and moving the camera. It was so beautiful watching the lanterns flying into the night sky. It represented so much love and hope for the future, a feeling that is often foreign to me.

By being present, and moving and experimenting with my camera, I was trying to capture just that… love and hope shining through the darkness.


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