Unable to Speak

Photo taken by contributor Kait Mauro, a 21-year-old Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native who has lived all over the country. She is trying to see all 50 states and has been to 38 so far. Kait has a diagnosis of major depression, severe and recurrent, as well as having experienced anxiety and disordered eating during her teenage years. She is currently an undergraduate at Washington University in Saint Louis where she studies Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Creative Writing. Her primary mediums are poetry and photography, though she has also been known to dabble in printmaking and other genres of writing. She seeks to understand her experiences and to connect with others through her art. Her photography can be seen at kaitmauro.com or nowandnowandnow.wordpress.com.

About this photo: “I took this photograph of two friends of mine in the yard of our apartment building for a class assignment in the only photography course I have ever taken: photograph your biggest fear. My fear was becoming a ghost of a person – being unable to connect or feel things in a human way anymore, a reference to my battle with depression. I had Sienna look right into the camera, to show that I had not yet given up fighting to remain human. The white powder is used to recall imagery of ghosts and other worldly things. It is actually just flour but I like that it looks smoke-like.”


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10 thoughts on “Unable to Speak

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  1. wonderful photo! I have struggled with the same issues as you have for many years. I relate to the photo as I spent all of my high school years believing I was invisible. At my 30th HS reunion I was talking to someone and mentioned feeling that. Her response startled me – Are you crazy? Everyone wanted to be you – with those long legs and clear skin – you were like a model. Definitely NOT the way I saw myself at all. I believed I was overweight, too tall and generally plain looking at best. What a shame to have lost all those years feeling so bad about myself.


  2. A strong concept very well done. Took a look at your website and was reminded of other photos you’ve posted here. You have a very good eye so keep up the good work!


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