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Welcome to the gallery site of Broken Light Collective. We are artists of all levels and abilities who are affected by mental illness. We create and we share our work for the therapeutic benefits to us, as well as others who may be struggling and feeling scared and alone. Together we can move from disconnected to collective.

Photo taken by contributor Jim, a man from the SouthWest of Texas who has struggled with depression for much of his life.

About this photo: “I had no idea as to what this image was going to be when I started to craft it. It didn’t take too long, but I was wasting a lot of time with using my hands. Makes it easier, I don’t have to talk or ask someone for help.  I was setting the self-timer (ah great word for another post) then racing against time framing my hands to get them in focus and before my self timer ran out of time.  I kept missing getting it all together by a tick or two. Just a little off, a little off center, a little off angle.

My wife walked in and I desperately asked her asked for help. Why we men are so reluctant to ask for help or directions. We are always determined to screw things up, waste more time and remain lost, by fault of our own, thank you very much.

I asked her if she would trip my camera for me. It then all fell quickly into place by just by making that one little plea, HELP.

I found way too many time quotes that I wanted to share so you will just have to ask google for help. But three jumped out:

“Time is an equal opportunity employer.  Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day.  Rich people can’t buy more hours.  Scientists can’t invent new minutes.  And you can’t save time to spend it on another day.  Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving.  No matter how much time you’ve wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow. ” ~Denis Waitely

“Old Time, that greatest and longest established spinner of all!…. his factory is a secret place, his work is noiseless, and his hands are mutes.”  ~Charles Dickens

And my favorite,

“When told the reason for Daylight Saving time the old Indian said, “Only a white man would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket.”  ~Author Unknown”


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15 responses to “Time On My Hands”

  1. slpmartin Avatar

    Great photo!


  2. seeker Avatar

    It takes time to learn the lesson at hand. Good read.


  3. Emma Lewis Avatar

    Wonderful photograph, and I love the quotes (especially Dickens).


  4. Syncopated Eyeball Avatar

    Excellent post all round and that image is wonderful.


  5. ag Avatar

    Very strong photograph that really jumps off the screen.I think the title though does it an injustice by being so literal. I would prefer one that leaves more to the viewer’s imagination.


    1. Developing A New Image Avatar

      AG……..have to admit, after giving it some thought you bring up a good point. That was an easy out title. Suggestions ?…..en theos…jim


  6. autisticaplanet Avatar

    I like whatever you used in editing the photo. If you don’t mind, would you tell what you used (e.g. Photoshop). Like the temple position of the hands. I like the title. It creates a tongue-in-cheek pun. Time really is in your hands!


    1. Developing A New Image Avatar

      Autistica…….photoshop CS6 with NIK color efex pro4 plug in. Image made with Nikon D800 with 60mm macro and lighting with 3 portable (D-900) flash units.
      Thanks for your kind words…….en theos….jim


  7. OyiaBrown Avatar

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.


  8. Inside the Mind of Isadora Avatar

    Powerful messages in your photo saying so many things to so many people.
    Enjoyed viewing it ….


    1. Developing A New Image Avatar

      Isadora…..your words are so encouraging and uplifting. I seem to always be battling with hoping to be able to deliver a visual message…thanx for the encouragement…. en theos jim


  9. thehappyhugger Avatar

    Love the picture!


  10. savemefrombpd Avatar

    Beautiful. It’s really like a piece of art.


  11. Paula McLane Jennings Avatar

    great photo! and lesson learned…asking for help is NOT the end of the world. I learned that when I developed CFS at 24 years old. Hard lesson to learn – living within limitations and needing to ask. I love the quotes too!


  12. Know-All Avatar

    The photograph is beautiful…but the quotes make it that much more interesting!


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