Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman in her thirties who suffers from generalized and social anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It affects her relationships and functioning in daily life. She has used medication to control her anxiety and panic, but is trying to find alternative tools and techniques so she does not have to rely solely on the meds.

About this photo: “I have issues with showers. I don’t know why or since when (it goes WAY back), but I have it. I do not find them to be calming, although I see how others might. To me they are anxiety producing. I have had major breakdowns in showers and negative impulsive even suicidal thoughts. Whenever I step in and everything gets dizzying and seems out of focus, I try now to focus on my feet and wiggle my toes. It’s the same thing I did when I was having a c-section. Focus on one thing. One sensation or body part and try to get out of my mind and into my body. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m a work in progress.


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  1. Reblogged this on Toni Vadala – talking about…everything and commented:
    Anxiety Disorders are real. Anyone who believes otherwise need look no further than the normally calm, cool, collected neighbor who absolutely panics beyond reason at the mere mention of looking out a window from more than one story up…or maybe the housewife down the block who can’t find a way to leave her house to go grocery shopping out of fear that something bad will happen if she leaves her home… check out this great blog about such types.


  2. This is such a beautiful photo. I love the perspective and the story that goes along with it. Thank you for sharing it ❤


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