Look Up

Photos taken by first-time contributor Anna, a 23-year-old woman from Canada. She has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and depression in the past. After getting off of medication she has worked hard on improving her mental health using alternative healing modalities. Every day is still a challenge to avoid giving in to her OCD-like impulses, or getting extremely panicked in really busy environments, but without them she would never have grown into the person she is today. Yoga, meditation, a change in food habits, and cutting out drugs and alcohol from her life are just some of the modifications she has made to help heal her mental troubles. She feels blessed to have had to deal with her mind running wild because it has given her more wisdom and understanding of how powerful her mind can be. She has also developed a heightened sense of her intuition and gained the ability to tune into subtle energies that she would never have grown conscious of without wanting to learn to calm her thoughts.

About these photos: “I call this series “Look Up.” I look up at the sky…a lot. So it’s only natural that many of my photographs are of the sky! I can’t get over how BEAUTIFUL the sky always is 😀 When I’m feeling overwhelmed I can expand myself upwards and feel at peace knowing my troubles are but a tiny pin in a big mass of Earth whipping through the galaxy, and somehow this makes me feel more calm. Also if I’m looking for an eyegasm I just have to look up and it’s done! Sunrises and sunsets are something I look forward to everyday and when there are storms….oh boy I know I’m going to get a special show for sure. I think if people spent more time looking up instead of down or straight, they would appreciate the magnificence of this world a lot more and find joy in the constantly changing show spread right above us. In your struggles if you can find humour, joy, inspiration, or any sort of positive feeling to blend into your experience, it will make the challenges easier to cope with. Anyhow I hope my photographs do the sky some justice.


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23 thoughts on “Look Up

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  1. Your photos are truly stunning! I love the way the light comes through the clouds sometimes when looking up at the sky so I know the feeling you are talking about looking upwards. You captured these moments perfectly. I am so happy that you are getting your life together and that you have found things that bring you peace. I too suffer from depression and anxiety disorders and have also put drugs and alcohol in my past – nearly 30 years ago when I was just about your age too. I will look forward to more of your beautiful photos on here.


    1. Thank you<3<3<3 Yes and sometimes we fall a couple steps backwards but as long as we keep pushing forward we make so much progress, Bless You


    1. Yeah 😀 Sometimes those storm clouds rolling in can be as oddly peaceful, even though I always get a bit nervous/excited while it’s happening. Sending you Love ❤


  2. I love the sky too. I’m glad to feel a little connected to you in that way. You might like this short video of monsoon clouds in AZ.

    Sometimes when I’m depressed I look up and find a beautiful sky, I feel healed for a while.


  3. Hi Anna. Great shots. I particularly like the first one, the clouds in the foreground give it a 3D effect, very nice. I’m going to ‘look up’ a bit more this weekend 🙂


  4. I love, love, love, love this series! Beautiful work! I’m so happy to have found “Broken Light”. Just what I need right now. Sending you continued love and light and hope in the sky… (I treasure the sky, too.)


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