Staying Afloat

Photo taken by first-time contributor Lakesh, a 36-year-old woman currently living in FYROM, Macedonia, serving as a volunteer for the Peace Corps. She is working with a non-governmental organization that promotes women empowerment within the small town of Radovish. Lakesh was in a two year relationship with a woman who was diagnosed with depression. Their relationship was filled with both pockets of joy and memorable disappointments. All of which have completely changed her perspective toward mental illness and relationships. She will always be grateful to her for opening her eyes.

About this photo: “The red interior reminded me of how we protect our inner children, while its white exterior was a sign of peace and surrender. The water represents how we need to embrace all that lies ahead because change is consistent and constant. We are all just human trying to stay present not just afloat.”


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    1. While I also find this photo & Lakesh’s accompanying msg. stunning, I was absolutely stunned early this a.m. as I looked at your photos on your website, Kait, especially the photos of the S.F. Bay area where I lived for six yrs. back in the ’80s . . The pictures brought back wonderful memories of a beautiful place . . Thanks . .


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