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Photo taken by contributor Elijah Weerts, a 20-year-old photography student. People have always seen him as the outgoing, fun to be around, positive kid all through his life. He wasn’t ever “allowed” to be sad or at least he felt that he had to be the person who made everyone feel better. He thought that if he showed that he was sad that he was letting people down. Elijah has been a photography major for the past four semesters of college. He especially enjoys doing self-portraits because people seem to respond to them very emotionally. Photography allows him to show how he is feeling without having to say anything. It lets all of him be shown in a way people can somehow relate to and that’s what he gets passionate about. He wants people to feel something when they see his images. He wants people to actually stop and think about who they are.

About this photo: “I just recently after almost half a year was able to drive my car again.  My parents graciously got my car a completely new engine and we got it done at this place called Auto-Logics. The owner is truly humble and honest.  He doesn’t cheat you out of your money or make you pay things you didn’t ask to get fixed. In the photograph this was one of the workers filling up a certain fluid in the car right before I was able to leave and drive my car again. I love the dirt on his hands that shows he’s a hard worker.”


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  1. great photo! Must have been so hard to be without your car for so long. I know the one I have now keeps breaking down and for the last week I have been driving my mechanic’s wife’s mini-van (wow are they costly to keep gas in but I am so grateful to have transportation).


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