Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman in New York who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, and has been agoraphobic over the past year.

About this photo: “From the high vantage point at which I took this photograph, Manhattan and the clouds above looked like a masterpiece created by a painter. I think this particular capture sums up my feelings about NYC right now. Very mixed. It’s grand, majestic, inviting and beautiful, but also can be scary and ominous, especially when my anxiety is high and I don’t like being around a lot of people or noise. It feels like something bad is always just about to happen. I hope the clouds clear for me, so I can get to a place where I feel comfortable in this masterpiece of a city once again.


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6 thoughts on “Masterpiece

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  1. great job with the photo. I can understand how Manhattan is a hard place to be with the anxiety you are going through. I used to live in Northern NJ. Trips to Manhattan were often filled with anxiety from crowds and such. Somehow I did manage going to school there but it wasn’t easy.


  2. New York can be a difficult place to feel calm in. Your photo captures certain days I remember well, when the sunlight slants over from the west side and the buildings glow, and stormy clouds scuttle in to heighten the drama. Gorgeous!


  3. The sky is awesome. You captured your feelings perfectly, particularly one of apprehension. I, too have gone through setback from high anxiety brought on by med changes and mom changes. Having AS makes for extra drama. I pray for better times for all, esp. those struggling through the issues those of us here at BL do.


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