Granny’s Love and Roses Live On

Photo taken by contributor Hope, a 39-year-old woman from Georgia. She inherited depression from her parents, both of whom suffered from depression, plus developed anxiety. After dealing with it for 39 years and being on countless medications prescribed by her internist, her doctor finally convinced her to begin therapy this past March. Through the therapeutic process she has begun to explore what she calls the demons in her mental closet. Hope recovered a memory of being raped by a neighbor as a child and now that her secret is out and she has a voice, the five year old thinks she wants to live Hope’s life. Hope has a new diagnosis of PTSD and they are still trying to figure out her dissociation.

About this photo: “My Granny died in 2001. This cherokee rose was barely hanging on around a tree in her backyard. She loved this rose. When she was in good health she would take a bucket and water all her plants, this rose included.

My Mother took a clipping from the rose, sprouted it, and nurtured it. Now thriving it climbs length of her clain link fence. It is beautiful. Mother continuing to nurture it with the love and tender care that Granny did us.”


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5 thoughts on “Granny’s Love and Roses Live On

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  1. I love the photo and story of Granny’s rose. I relate to your depression and anxiety. I too have recovered abuse memories and have some PTSD and recently have had more flashbacks from over 30 years ago. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Have faith. and hang in there…no matter how hard it gets…and I know it certainly does. Create. That is what helps me.


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