The Golden Hour

Photos taken by contributor Danielle in Upstate New York. She regularly faces anxiety and panic attacks, and has experienced depression on and off to varying degrees. She takes medication to manage her symptoms, but they still affect her daily life. She hopes to get to a point where she will not have to rely on meds to be able to do anything.

About these photo: “I don’t know what this building is used for, but I was drawn to it. I stumbled upon it while out taking a de-stressing walk during a family get-together. The building was all rusted and had covered windows, but somehow it looked so beautiful to me in the fading light of the setting sun. I often find beauty in things that most people would think are gross or disturbing. I guess that is one of the positives of having a ‘different’ mind.


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5 thoughts on “The Golden Hour

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  1. great photos and I love what you had to say about why you liked it. I too suffer depression and anxiety and my tastes are often ‘different’ from the norm as well. Love old buildings and other old things. So much more character to them!


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