Just Let Go

Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman who suffers from severe depression, and a bipolar diagnosis.

About this photo: “I try to view the world from a place of love, but it is hard when you have been hurt or have issues that keep you from getting close to people. I have learned that I must recognize my negative thoughts and feelings and try to let them go. The difficulties in my relationships and pain I hold onto are hurting me the most. I must try to acknowledge my negative thoughts as they come, recognize them without judgment, and release them. Like letters in the sand, I must see them but know that they will soon be washed away. If I let them be washed away, I can strive to exist in a more balanced and healthy, loving place.” 


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20 thoughts on “Just Let Go

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  1. your photo is lovely. I love the beach and have often written in the sand too. See if you can find a Celebrate Recovery group in your area. That may help you with some of the letting go of the past hurts. I know it has helped me with doing more letting go.


  2. Hmm… not sure about the quote. I think there’s a lot to be said for being kind to yourself. If you’re feeling hurt or conflicted about a relationship, there may well be a good reason. Maybe you need to express your feelings to the person or maybe it’s just not a good relationship and you should let the relationship go, or at least put some space between you.


  3. Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves – J.M.Barrie.

    A few words spoken with sincerity can be a window on to the soul letting in chinks of sunlight. The effect can be cathartic, and letting go might be the first step to that catharsis.


  4. Tears well up as I take in your photo and words of expression. I too deal with bipolar and your comments hit me deep within. I’ve told myself the same exact things many times, but there are days that I suffer and I’m unable to change my mindset. I tell myself that this too shall pass, and it does. Thank you for sharing your experience. It reminded me of the tool to be positive.


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