Grasping for the Light of Hope

Photo taken by contributor Danielle at Green Pond. She has been diagnosed with many things due to her intense mood shifts, including most-recently bipolar II disorder.

About this photo: “There is something beautiful about the curves of clouds. The way countless people can look at the same sky and see different things. I see a heart. And an arm reaching out beneath the heart from the left. Do you see it? The hand, an open fist. Now the heart is the profile of a woman’s face! Is it me? I am always changing too. People see different things when they see me at different times. I actually feel a lot like a cloud. Nice from a far. Elusive. Ever-changing. 

I see darkness in this image, sadness, but also light. The outstretched arm appears to be holding onto the light of the setting sun. I hope I can hold onto a little light too. A little light of hope in the darkness.


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14 thoughts on “Grasping for the Light of Hope

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  1. stunning photo and wonderful description. I can see the same things you do. I always played that game with my children when they were little – what do the clouds look like to you. I love the you see the hand holding on to the light of the setting sun and see the hope in that.


  2. Lovely photo, beautiful message. I see all those things you mentioned. Very inspirational. Thank you, and wishes for the very best.


  3. Thanks for sharing and interpreting your lovely photo; really helped me see the light! I have Bipolar and struggle to tell people because i fear the stigma they will see a different me.


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