Sun Rising

Photo taken by first-time contributor Jamie Li, who currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She loves travel, music, design, architecture, food, art, and photography. She picked up an old 450D camera during a trip to Hong Kong in 2008 and hasn’t looked back. She has friends who have been depressed their whole lives. She sees that once in a while they will seem happy and it is the difference between night and day.

About this photo: “This photo was taken a day after the Boston Marathon bombing. It was such a nice feeling when the sun came up and we realized life moves on. A reminder not to dwell on too many things and do your best.” 


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17 thoughts on “Sun Rising

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  1. Very good and with much meaning added once you read the blurb – for me it’s the long ongoing tunnel created down the middle that suggests the new day and life going on’ness you spoke of. Thankx for this!


  2. I like all the compositional lines in this photo. The strong verticals and diagonals of the wires don’t push my eye off the photo because of the horizontal strips of wood and those lines are contrasted with the shapes of the lamp. Nice photo!


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