Sleeping Beauty

Photo taken by contributor Heather Hamilton, a 25-year-old woman from Utah. She suffers from major depression, OCD, as well as ADHD. She was officially diagnosed three years ago, but knew long before that she was depressed. She has been going though a ‘down’ time , and it seems she finds sadness in everything right now. Thankfully she finds a release from the ‘prison of her mind,’ by loving on her animals. She believes that they all feel what she feels, and know that by just being there, they help her.  She is in the process of changing careers so she can do what she loves, which is work with animals as a dog trainer.

About this photo: Mia. My very first kitten. Resting peacefully. Adopted at 5 weeks, FHV positive. Resting moments like these are very rare, so to capture one so perfectly-a masterpiece. Mia was sick when we adopted her. I took her in to the vet, and found out she had an upper respiratory infection. I was the one to pick her out, take her to get her vaccinations, vet appointments when she as sick, picked out the right food for her, and make sure she had plenty of toys and beds. Then, after all the fussing I did to make sure she came home to a safe, happy new home, she chose my husband as ‘hers’. Figures.

She has taught me, not through this picture alone, but the moments that are so rare, that I need to open my heart to them. For her, those moments seem to be resting peacefully. For me, those moments are when I am happy. I need to embrace those moments when I am truly happy. Every day, I wake up and either feel sad or empty. On the days where I don’t, I have learned to embrace them, try oh-so-hard to not let the little things ruin my very rare opportunity to feel happy.”


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