Into the Light; India

Photo taken by first-time contributor Amy, a 30-year-old woman originally from Australia, currently living in Canada. She spent her teenage years and early twenties battling depression and anxiety. These periods of darkness were intertwined with critical and damaging thoughts of herself. She created a very real barrier between herself and others. A lack of confidence and low self-esteem led her into damaging relationships with men who tore apart any foundation that had once been. She imagined people were constantly criticizing and tearing her down. As with many stories, it wasn’t until she hit rock bottom that she could begin to move “into the light.” Since that time, she has learnt to see her challenges as integral parts of a journey she is now embracing, and enjoying. She is proud of her past and the adversity she faced for many, many years and believes it was necessary for her to reach this point. She has now developed deep and trusting relationships with friends and family, where once they were broken.

About this photo: “Last year I decided to face my fears, buy a one way ticket and travel alone to experience new cultures and ways of life. Most importantly, this journey enabled my confidence to grow and I have begun to face the many things that paralyzed me for much of my youth. My blog “a lifetime of lessons” documents that journey, and the steps I now take regularly ‘into the light’….

“Only we keep ourselves captive, and only we can set ourselves free…”


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4 thoughts on “Into the Light; India

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  1. Amy,
    The door was now unbolted, you opened it and walked into the light. How brave and amazing you are. I am happy you are embracing your journey. I love the photo-graph. It reveals many layers of meaning. Betsy


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