In A Place With Little Light

Photo taken by contributor Ashley Lily Scarlett aka Syncopated Eyeball, a 53-year-old woman who has experienced bouts of depression of various degrees, on and off since she was 12-years-old. She also suffers from anxiety, gets easily over stimulated, and has a bit of social phobia. Recently she finally received a diagnosis of bipolar type II, so she will now hopefully be directed to more appropriate medications. Blogging and photography are very important to her. Usually when she is taking or editing her photographs, everything else disappears from her consciousness and she is firmly ‘in the moment’.

About this photo: “This image to me is a pictorial representation of how I feel when depressed quite badly. Things seem dark and bleak and ugly to me at those times. I say ‘seem’ because at other times (especially, but not only, when I am hypomanic) the opposite is true. That’s why the disfigured eye here is so, I can’t see clearly, my thinking is distorted. The darkness represents same. I also see fear in this image.  And sometimes when I  feel particularly depressed I feel I myself am ugly, as well as feeling that life itself is the same, hence the overall look of the image. I was not depressed when I made this image. As I’m sure many of my fellows would understand, I can’t do very much once my depression reaches the depth that this image represents to me.”


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28 thoughts on “In A Place With Little Light

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  1. Woah… I feel weird ‘liking’ this image, as I find it quite disturbing… But I know what you mean. What a great way to explain your emotions in a photograph.


  2. You have expressed yourself so well, both in writing and in your photograph. You deserve every bit of recognition and every accolade you receive, so take it in: it’s your’s!


  3. I can relate to this picture and what it represents so very easily. As a sufferer of Cyclothymia the low times render me useless and ugly! Good on you for sharing this common feeling in such a artistic way! Blessings to you!


  4. Your photographic talents are obvious, but re-visiting your image, after reading further… I found it remarkable how successfully you were able to translate those very feelings / emotions that you described in this image…
    very, very powerful work, S.E…


  5. What an expressive image of your innermost.
    However, as I am rather a man of the pen – native speakers may smile 🙂 – I do confess that even more impressed I am by your words.
    You are a fascinating artist.


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