Blossoms of Hope

Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman who suffers from depression. She has had agoraphobic tendencies for many years, but the past two years have been the worst. She barely leaves her house at all.

About this photo: “I am not a real girlie girl pink sort of person, but I love cherry blossoms. I even got married under some. When my husband and I moved into our home, we had no idea that there would be cherry blossoms a block away in the park. It’s like it was meant to be. The only problem is that I have been stuck in my home for a while now due to depression, agoraphobia, and now winter blahs, and even a quick walk to the park feels impossible most days. But I am going to try to get out more this year. This photo was taken in April, which means the cherry blossoms will be here again soon. I hope that is enough motivation to get me going. These trees bloom and wither very quickly, and I don’t want to miss out. Sounds a little like my life as of recent. Everything is happening so quickly and I feel like I keep missing out.


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13 thoughts on “Blossoms of Hope

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  1. Bless ya… I do hope you enjoy the cherry blossoms this year. I’m at peace with nature around me, so I’m sure going out and being around all that you enjoy will lift your spirits. 🙂
    Juliana x


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