Yawoori Flowers; South Korea

Photo taken by contributor PJ Brez, a 28-year-old man who lives in the South Korean countryside. He has experienced depression, loneliness, homesickness, and feelings of isolation. He teaches English conversation at a university in Korea, but photography is his passion.

About this photo: “There’s something about the simplicity and elegance of flowers that’s so appealing. I was drawn to this giant floral statue one bright early morning and snapped a photo of it with my Holga. I’d modified it to work with 35mm film. Since it’s a large camera designed for medium format film, it has a spacious interior. When modified for 35mm film, the sprocket holes and the little bits of film between them are exposed to the light that enters the camera when taking a picture.”


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11 thoughts on “Yawoori Flowers; South Korea

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  1. Love the image and the camera modification that made it possible. It’s no small accomplishment to come up with a new slant on such a popular subject as flowers.


  2. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I’m glad you like this photo : ) Bluebrightly ~ Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of film out there! It’s not too hard for me to get a hold of. I’ve gotten in the habit of finding all the old photo labs in my area and buying up all their expired film. It usually still works fine. I also go up to Seoul to buy film pretty regularly as well as shopping for it online.


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