On the Outside Looking In

Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman in her thirties who struggles with bipolar depression. Photography has been a helpful tool in her treatment and recovery, along with doctors and medication.

About this photo: “I love my town. I love the community, the park, the dead-end streets. I especially love when the weather gets warm enough for the neighborhood kids to play outside. This photo captures some of the girls decorating a princess tiara, and enjoying freeze pops. It was a sweet moment, so I snuck over with my phone camera to capture it as unobtrusively as possible. I think the unconventional angle captures the joy, but also gives it a feeling of distance, which was how I was feeling at that moment. Depression always makes me feel like I am on the outside looking in. Like the world is a giant snow globe – filled with scenes of laughter and happiness – that I can see but can’t engage with.

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11 thoughts on “On the Outside Looking In

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  1. I like the snow globe analogy. I’ve always been on the outside looking in, too. Depression makes for a disconnect of perspective. Your words and photo illustrate this shifted sense of self and the world.


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