The Invisible Man; Kenya

watermarked zarek the invisible man

Photo taken by contributor PJ Brez, a 28-year-old man who lives in the South Korean countryside. He has experienced depression, loneliness, homesickness, and feelings of isolation. He teaches English conversation at a university in Korea, but photography is his passion.

About this photo: “This photograph, ‘Zarek, the Invisible Man,’ is a double exposure shot with a lomo lc-a in Kenya.

I shoot everything on film. I don’t use digital at all – either to capture images or to edit them. I like the tangibility of film, and I like how it can be kept and enjoyed forever. Hard drives crash, USB sticks get lost, digital photos seem so temporary. I want to preserve something for generations to come. I figure that if I’m here, that if I’m experiencing life, that what I see and experience deserves to be shot on film – for my negatives will hopefully last for many hundreds of years after I’m gone. I find shooting film is not limiting – it’s liberating. I try to experiment with a number of forms – black and white (which I develop and print in a darkroom), infrared, cross processing, etc. I also shoot with pinhole and toy cameras to give a certain aesthetic. I don’t want to capture perfect, crisp images – for the world is not airbrushed. I want to capture an impression of the world that we inhabit.

I find photography to be really fascinating. It’s like a giant easter egg hunt. It gets me out of the house. It gets me exploring new places. I’m constantly on the hunt to find something odd, intriguing, or aesthetic. Also, using a darkroom is a very soothing experience. Putting on some tunes, turning on those dim red lights, and watching photos appear out of nowhere like magic is absolutely enthralling. Everyone should give it a go.


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12 thoughts on “The Invisible Man; Kenya

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  1. Wow, great! I try to shoot similar-looking images using digital…but I can understand your love of film and the darkroom. My main reason for switching was cost…I do miss all you mention, though!


  2. Wow, it is hard to find words to express how much the time & effort as well as the end result moved me. Thank you so much for sharing!


  3. Beautiful old school photography. It is possible to create a similar effect with digital and editing software, but so much more satisfaction from physically taking the double exposure shot and finding out how it worked in the darkroom, experimenting and learning what works.


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