Strength in the Face of Difficulties

Photo taken by contributor Ashley Lily Scarlett aka Syncopated Eyeball, a 53-year-old woman who has experienced bouts of depression of various degrees, on and off since she was 12-years-old. She also suffers from anxiety, gets easily over stimulated, and has a bit of social phobia. Recently she finally received a diagnosis of bipolar type II, so she will now hopefully be directed to more appropriate medications. Blogging and photography are very important to her. Usually when she is taking or editing her photographs, everything else disappears from her consciousness and she is firmly ‘in the moment’. Such is one of the joys of expressing one’s creativity.

About this photo: “This image shows, I think, my strength in the face of my difficulties. Sometimes I feel so frustrated, so tired of struggling, so sick of myself. Since I long ago stopped looking for a ‘cure’ and started looking for new ways to manage my symptoms, I have found things easier. I say to myself: It will pass. And it does. And then it comes back again. And then it passes again. There’s a quote from T S Eliot’s ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ that I like: ‘Darkness declares the glory of light.’ And so it does.”


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13 thoughts on “Strength in the Face of Difficulties

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  1. S.E. never fails to impress…
    the things she sees from / in details that I often miss…
    On a consistent basis she creates so much more with just a camera-phone than stuff I often see done with pro-gear / set-ups…
    always inspiring.


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