Locked In, Locked Out

Photo taken by a woman in New Jersey who fights clinical depression and agoraphobia. It is a daily struggle for her.

About this photo: “This photograph represents home to me since I have been stuck in my house (or hospitals) for several years now due to depression, anxiety, and phobias I have developed. My home has become both my haven and my prison. I feel locked in, and locked out. Locked in my home, and locked out of life.”


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13 thoughts on “Locked In, Locked Out

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  1. This post really touched me. It took me back to a time I spent on a secure psychiatric ward thinking I would never get well or get out. I did both. And I wish anyone facing a similar battle the strength to overcome.


  2. Such a powerful image. I find it so hopeful and beautiful although I understand what it represents for you. I still hope that it can mean so much more for you…a doorway to more beauty and life. I wish you strength and courage in your struggle.


  3. Sorry, I realised after I posted my comment that it looked quite rude, that wasn’t intended. I have a form of agoraphobia myself and just wasn’t sure if you had reposted something from somewhere else or if it was someone here. 🙂


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