Peaceful Horses

Photo taken by contributor  Tiger Lillies, a woman in her forties from Ontario who suffers from deep depression, psychosis, and agoraphobia, possibly bipolar disorder, all while raising her two young grandchildren, four and six years old. Thankfully she has a supportive partner Rick who helps make daily life with children possible. Her grandchildren, as well as her recent love of photography, have become her saviours and kept her from succumbing to the negative temptations that regularly haunt her. She has tried to commit suicide several times in the past, but thankfully is still with us. Her hopes are to get past her illness, as well as glaucoma, and become a professional photographer.

About this photo: “When I’m feeling down, really down, Rick does his best to talk me into going for a drive.  He knows the exact areas too. We live in a small town surrounded by farms, most are horse farms.  Believe it or not, up until a year ago, I was terrified to death of them. Now, I find they bring me so much joy. Can’t say I’m ready to climb on one and ride like the wind, but a peaceful feeling comes over me when I look into their dark brown eyes. This photo was taken the other day while out for a ride. Rick pulled the van over, and three beauties walked towards the fence. I was in my glory. Beautiful creatures. I can understand now why they are used in therapy for children.”


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10 thoughts on “Peaceful Horses

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  1. This image is beautiful. Please tell Tiger Lilly that I too find horses peaceful. While growing up in an abusive home, my horse was my lifeline, my salvation if you will. He kept me centered and gave me love where there was an absence of healthy love. I would throw the reigns up on my horses neck and let him wander around a large pasture for hours while I laid on his back. Then when I needed it, we would race pell mell through a herd of cows to get my blood pumping or take a swim in a large pond. There is something about trusting something that is so much bigger and more powerful than yourself that is somehow calming. Kind of like God. 🙂


  2. I agree–this picture just stopped my heart. Sometimes, I think I miss the horses and the mountains more than anyone from my past.


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