Baby Love

Photo taken by a photographer and mom who suffers from severe depression. Despite the depths she may sink to, she is able to find joy in capturing special moments in the lives of other people.

About this photo: “I love photographing children. These twin newborns were no exception. They were beyond cute. The rings in this photo represent the immense love that the parents have for each other, and their newly doubled family, and they show just how tiny those 20 little toes were. Though babies may be tiny, I am always amazed by how they can express themselves so clearly, even without the luxury of words, and how their joy is just so pure. Sometimes I wish I could be more like that. Photographing kids is arguably the hardest thing to photograph besides animals, but it is so worth it. It is not only rewarding, but very much keeps me in the present moment, a moment of joy, not worrying about the past or future.”


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