Lightness of Being

Photo taken by contributor Luis Rosado, a Floor Supervisor and Lighting Technician of a film equipment rental house. He has been suffering from anxiety and depression for over 30 years, and has been sober for 4 years from an alcohol problem that lasted over 20 years. Photography has always been a wonderful outlet for him to capture and hold on to the brighter moments in his life.

About this photo: “Taken at work because I could. This company gave me my job back after my alcohol addiction made me unable to work. I am forever indebted to those who have helped me through my years of alcohol abuse. To those I dedicate my art.


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5 thoughts on “Lightness of Being

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  1. That’s very cool. I can totally imagine having taht pic in a frame at home.
    And it is great you have found underatanding. It’s priceless. May the past help you live each day in happiness.


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