Constructing a Better Life

Photo taken by a woman who has suffered from depression, anxiety and panic disorder for many years. It has affected her whole life and family. She is trying to fight through it by working with doctors, using medication as needed, and immersing herself in her photography.

About this photo: “After my husband and I moved into the house we now live in, we had to gut the kitchen. It was so old I think it had elements from the 50s and the 30s – but not in a cool retro way – in an I’m so ancient it’s hard to believe I even work sort of way. So we gutted it. Construction can be hard to manage when you don’t have mental health issues, but it was especially difficult to manage with my depression and anxiety. We had to use a bathroom sink upstairs if we wanted any water or to clean anything, and it went on way longer than expected of course. It was noisy and dusty nonstop. But there was something that felt strangely appropriate about it. Like what was going on in my environment matched for once the crazy and sometimes dangerous mess of things that were going on inside my head.

This year I am hoping my mental construction zone will be completed. I am sick of the noise and chaos in my head, and resolved to do whatever it takes to get rid of the mess so I can move forward with my life, and hopefully be a more present, together, happier version of myself.


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7 thoughts on “Constructing a Better Life

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  1. Wishing you much success – glad to hear that you are determined to stop that “noise and chaos” in your head. Don’t mean to get all preachy but ego is also the opposite of being “full of yourself”. Kick it to the curb!


  2. You’re a brave soul to tackle a kitchen project while you’re depressed, with the noise and disorder that entails. I wish you well in your struggle with depression and all that brings with it to deal with. I liked your photograph of your gutted kitchen. It immediately reminded me of the disorder one goes through wnen battling depression.


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